The Road to St Finan’s Hospital

This abandoned psychiatric institute was constructed in the mid 1800s and was a state of art facility for the mentally ill in County Kerry. Today the buildings of what was once known as the Kerry District Lunatic Asylum, is still standing, bearing the peeling paint, rot, and graffiti of time. Situated in the picturesque Killarney, with a panoramic view of Paps mountains in the east to McGillycuddy Reeks in the west, St Finan’s is a glorious, though decaying, example of Gothic Revival style architecture. Presently abandoned and with an undecided future, St Finan’s is an imposing and haunting structure which spurs mixed opinions and feelings from people about both its history and future. The following images capture the journey from the Rock Road entrance, up the private road, past the west facing gate lodge and up the hill to the main entrance. The journey continues along the road to the east facing gate lodge and down towards the Lewis Road entrance.